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Build A Machine Learning Solutions With Scikit-Learn Library In A Delphi Windows App

Are you looking for an end-to-end open-source machine learning platform, and build a nice GUI for them? You can deliver enterprise-grade machine learning solutions easily by combining Scikit-Learn and Python4Delphi library, inside Delphi and C++Builder. And as a bonus, integrating Python with Delphi can speed up the execution time (read our other articles about TensorFlow and…
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Build A Python GUI With The Powerful OpenCV Library In A Delphi Windows GUI App

Are you looking for a powerful machine learning library? Try OpenCV library for Python. You can run it with Python for Delphi (P4D). P4D is a free and simple with which you can run Python scripts as well as create new Python modules and types in Delphi. Use Delphi and C++Builder and Python4Delphi to run Python scripts in  Python GUI apps for Windows. First, run Demo1 project for executing Python…
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