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Why You Should Try Continuous Integration For Documentation


At a recent PyCon one of the topics discussed the idea that documentation is the process often overlooked by programmers. Whether you are working on a big or small Python project, it is very crucial to document everything to prevent any issues in the future. Interestingly, in this video from PyCon 2020, Mason Egger will remind us how important documentation is. According to him, documentation should be treated as important as the code that makes up the project.

With modern documentation tools such as MkDocs and Sphinx, both of which are Python-powered tools, and Continuous Integration tools, we can now include docs in the commit. They can be reviewed in code reviews, built and versioned in a CI tool, and even tested for things such as correct code examples and broken links. In this talk, we will learn how to properly and effectively handle documentation as well as discover a list of tools that we can use to aid the process. Mason will also share some easy-to-implement methods that every engineer can apply to make documentation a lot easier and more fun! Learning how to do it will allow you to easily integrate documentation and build Python Project. Feel free to watch the video below to learn more.

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