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Learn About Powerful Functions In A Python GUI Windows App

Python is object-oriented but also supports functional programming. This post will demonstrate how to run another Python feature in Python4Delphi with RAD Studio: Functions in Python GUI and gets the output. We will learn about Python functions and how to create them and call them. A function is a block of code that has a name and we can call it. Instead of writing something 100 times, we…
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Quickly Build Ultra-Modern Python Native Windows GUIs With Delphi

Sometimes your application needs a user interface, but what is the best way to make one for Python applications? Enter DelphiVCL for Python. The VCL is a mature Windows native GUI framework with a huge library of included visual components and a robust collection of 3rd party components. It is the premier framework for native Windows applications, but how to use it with Python? Thanks to the…
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Powerful Way To Evaluate A Python Expression In A Delphi Windows GUI App

Want to know how to evaluate a Python Expression in Delphi using Python4Delphi? Python for Delphi (P4D) is a set of free components that wrap up the Python DLL into Delphi and C++Builder. They let you easily execute Python scripts, create new Python modules and new Python types. This post will guide you on how to use these components, create a VCL application, run a simple python expression in…
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