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How To Make A Simple Python GUI Using Guietta

learn python with simple python gui development using guietta video

While everyone is mostly in favor of the Tkinter toolkit to create a simple Python GUI, there is still a great number of alternative Python Packages out there to try and explore. One of these is Guietta. Guietta is a Python package specifically designed to help you create a Python GUI for your apps.

Please note though, that Guietta unlike Tkinter, is not a web-based GUI but a platform-dependent tool, like Mac GUI or Linux GUI. In the Python GUI you create with Guietta you can implement common GUI elements like text labels, text boxes, buttons, and ‘none’ (empty space) using their elements. This is a package that wraps around QT but does its job very well for simple a Python GUI for use-cases like a demand forecasting app that uses local data and local machine learning inference. To find out more about Guietta and its functionality, feel free to watch this video below and see what this great Python Package has to offer.

For full power, superb-looking Python GUI elements why not take a look at the Python tools available from Embarcadero?

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