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Learn Python With Serverless Python Applications with Google Cloud by Charles Engelke (PyCon 2020) Video


We already came across some insightful PyCon 2020 videos that teach us how to effectively launch our Python apps on a serverless infrastructure like Terraform, Microsoft Azure, and more. One of the best solution to deploy your application is through cloud servers. There are many Cloud platforms today that are widely used by many programmers who want stress-free and less-complicated application deployment.

Interestingly, in this 2-hour long video tutorial, we will learn how to deploy our project to another popular serverless infrastructure ~ the Google Cloud. The digital workshop will not just teach you to write a single program but to create multiple applications and teach you how to connect them through a shared database, network requests, message queues, or triggering events. You’ll see not only how to use different cloud services to run your code, but why you would choose each one for an application’s specific needs. To learn more about serverless Python applications with Google Cloud, feel free to watch the video below. Good luck!

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