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Learn Python Scripting With A Fun Random Winner Generator

Learn Python Scripting With A Fun Random Winner Generator

John Elder of Codemy never failed to impress us with his Python Scripting Tkinter GUI tutorial series. Interestingly. he decided to celebrate his birthday last year in a very unique way. He decided to throw giveaways to three lucky commenters who will receive a free subscription to his website. Interestingly, he did this giveaway in what he does best ~ encoding using Tkinter in Python.

In this video, John will show us to build a Random Winner Generator. This app will allow us to randomly select winners. To make this possible, John uses the Pick () function. John took all the entries and added them to a Python list. He then converted the list into a Python set to automatically remove any duplicates, then converted it back to a Python list. Next, he generated a random number between 0 and the length of the list (minus one). Feel free to watch the video tutorial below and learn more.

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