The Visual Component Library (VCL) is a key part of Delphi’s state-of-the-art user interface support. It contains most native Windows controls, and controls with additional features and functionality.

What is DelphiVCL and how can it help me build Python desktop apps?

Programmers are quite frustrated with issues that Python causes while being utilized. Embarcadero’s DelphiVCL is an excellent way of avoiding that. It prioritizes native Windows programming via Python. DelphiVCL supports Python DLLs therefore, users can create new modules in no time. Perhaps the most unique feature of DelphiVCL is that it provides you access to the whole VCL without having any experience with Delphi or Object Pascal. DelphiVCL is a must-have if you want to design impactful GUIs.

How can I Install DelphiVCL Python Module?


  • Win32 & Win64 x86 architectures
  • Python cp3.6, cp3.7, cp3.8, cp3.9 and cp3.10

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