PyScripter has all the features expected in a modern Python IDE in a lightweight package. It’s also natively compiled for Windows to use minimal memory with maximum performance. The IDE is open-source and fully developed in Delphi with extensibility via Python scripts.

Python IDE Features

  • Syntax Highlighting Editor
  • Integrated Python Interpreter
  • Full Python debugging with support for remote debugging
  • Integrated Unit testing
  • Integration with Python tools like PyLint, TabNanny, Profile etc.
  • Full support for encoded Python source
  • Remote Python Debugger
  • Run or debug files from memory
  • Code Explorer
  • To Do List
  • Find and Replace in Files
  • Integrated regular expression testing
  • Choice of Python version to run via command line parameters
  • Run Python Script externally (highly configurable)
  • Modern GUI with docked forms
  • Persistent configurable IDE options

Integrated Python Interpreter

  • Code Completion
  • Call Tips
  • Command History
  • Execute scripts without saving them

Integrated Python Debugging

  • Remote Python Debugger
  • Call Stack
  • Variables Window
  • Watches Window
  • Conditional breakpoints
  • Debugger hints
  • Thread debugging
  • Post-mortem analysis
  • Can run or debug files without first saving them

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