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Learn Python With Master the Basics of Tkinter - Full Tkinter Programming Course Video

If you are planning to create your first Graphical User Interface application, the first thing you must consider is to pick the right GUI framework. There are many available GUI frameworks to choose from including PyQT5, Kivy, PyForms, and WxPython. However, when it comes to simplicity and ease of use, the Tkinter is by far the best and most practical option for beginners. In this video…
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Learn Python GUI Development for Delphi Developers In Windows Apps

Why would a Delphi developer want to add Python to their toolbelt? It is all about library access and scriptability. The open-source Python4Delphi (P4D) library by Kiriakos Vlahos, author of the popular PyScripter Python IDE, allows you as a Delphi developer to leverage the entire collection of Python libraries directly from Delphi. It also makes it easy to easily execute Python scripts, create…
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