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Easily Learn How To Use Python List Comprehensions In A Delphi Windows GUI App

The strength of Delphi combined with Python gives its users the chance to fast track their development processes and deliver excellent applications with ease! This tutorial helps you accomplish that and more. WithPython4Delphi(P4D) you can create a simple yet elegant GUI for your python scripts in a few simple steps! P4D is a collection offreecomponents that wrap up the…
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Easily Pass Variables Between Python And Your Python GUI Windows Front End Built In Delphi Or C++

Want to build a Delphi/C++ builder Application that should exchange values between Delphi and Python Objects. Not sure how to do it? Python4Delphi has two powerful components to achieve this faster, you can use either one component for your application. In this post, we can see both ways. Python4Delphi Demo16 Example1 App shows how to assign a variable value between Delphi and Python…
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