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This Is How To Build A Cool Image Viewer Python Desktop App

This Is How To Build A Cool Image Viewer Python Desktop App

If you have been following Codemy on their YouTube channel, you might have seen and learned many projects using the Tkinter module in Python. Tkinter is the default GUI interface for Python and it allows users to create a simple GUI Python desktop app using its easy-to-use widget system. In this video, we are about to learn another interesting project ~ a fully functional and pretty cool Image viewer app!

Following his previous video tutorial where we have learned how to view an image on a separate window, this video will help us add additional functionalities and turn it into an image viewer app. In this 23-minute video, we will learn how to make this app using the Tkinter in Python starting from scratch. The video will highlight all the details including the functions and methods that we need to use to make the Image viewe app works. If you want to learn more, feel free to watch the video below.

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