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Learn How To Use Python Dictionaries In A Delphi Windows GUI App

Building stunning visual applications has never been easier, and now with Python4Delphi, it’s about to get even better! Delphi provides a powerful set of tools that enable developers around the globe to build incredible visual applications using C++Builder and Python is one of the world’s most popular object oriented general purpose languages. Python4Delphi now enables you to create a…
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Build Powerful Textual Data Processing Windows GUI Apps With Python Using TextBlob Library And Delphi

Do you want to build a GUI App with Textual Data Processing capabilities? In this post will get to understand how to use TextBlob Python Library usingPython4Delphiin Delphi/C++ application. TextBlob provides access to common text-processing operations through a familiar interface. You can treatTextBlobobjects as if they were Python strings that learned how to do Natural…
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