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How To Add Python Profiling Tools Into Machine Learning Code

Reducing code runtime is important for developers. Python Profilers, like cProfile, help us to find which part of the program or code takes more time to run. Whether you are using a Python GUI or the command line profiling is a huge help in tracking down code bottlenecks which impact performance. This article will walk you through the process of using the cProfile module for extracting…
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How To Make Text Widgets Show Bold And Italics In Python GUI

John Elder of Codemy recently started a project where we will build an interactive text editor. The tutorial was divided into multiple parts where John will teach us how to build this simple Python GUI app from scratch. The previous videos taught us to build the widget and add some common functionalities to it including the ability to open and save files to a directory. This time, we will learn…
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This Is How To Get Beautiful Refactoring In Your Python Apps

Whether you are an aspiring programmer or someone who already has knowledge about using or developing Python programming language, PyCon is an annual event that you should definitely not miss. Despite the global pandemic at the time, PyCon 2020 was still a success. Speakers, experts, and Python enthusiasts were gathered digitally in the recently concluded conference in Pittsburgh. All videos are…
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This Is How Python's Self Works In Windows Development

Whenever object-oriented programming is done in Python, then we will often come across the self method as their first parameter. This article explains the main concept of self method in Python for Windows development. self represents the instance of the class in Python. By using the “self” keyword we can access the attributes and methods of the class in Python. It binds the attributes with…
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