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Entering Dates Or Times Using DelphiVCL.DateTimePicker Or TDateTimePicker In Python

DelphiVCL.DateTimePicker or TDateTimePicker displays a list box for entering dates or times. TDateTimePicker is a visual component designed specifically for entering dates or times. It resembles a list box or combo box, except that the drop-down list is replaced with a calendar illustration; users can select a date from the calendar. Dates or times can also be selected by scrolling with Up…
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Artificial Intelligence Solutions With Keras Library In A Windows Python App

Are you looking for a simple, flexible, and powerful deep learning library, and build a nice GUI for them? You can deliver enterprise-grade AI solutions easily by combining Keras and Python4Delphi library, inside Delphi and C++Builder. Keras is a high-level neural networks API for Python. Keras acts as an interface for the TensorFlow library. Keras is designed for human beings, not machines.
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Powerful Python For Delphi VCL vs Python GUI Generator: PAGE

Are you an expert in desktop apps and GUI development who want to also work with Python because of its simplicity, flexible use, and growing demand in the market out there? Or are you a Python Developer at any level who wants to start a GUI development journey? This article is for you. We will review the two examples of the most powerful Python Desktop App and GUI Frameworks:Python For…
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