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Learn Python With 9 Years of PyLadies: Lessons Learned and What Comes Next by Lorena Mesa, Elaine Wong, and Mariatta (PyCon 2020) Video


There is definitely no gender when it comes to programming. Interestingly, there is a growing number of female programmers today. PyLadies, for instance, has come a long way ever since the organization was established in 2011. In this video from the recently concluded PyCon 2020, we will learn more about the interesting history of PyLadies and their incredible milestone all through the years. In this virtual talk, we will meet three of its prominent members, Lorena Mesa, Elaine Wong, and Mariatta as they discuss 9 years of PyLadies, the lessons they have learned, and the future of the organization.

PyLadies is an international mentorship group that focuses on helping more women become active participants in the Python open-source community. Interestingly, it all started with an initial group of 7 women met at PyCon USA 2011 and now PyLadies has grown to 100+ chapters worldwide and the growth doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon! Lorena, Elaine, and Mariatta will share with us the story of their success and what are the future projects to expect from PyLadies. To learn more about their meaningful campaign, feel free to watch the video below.

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