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This Is How To Get Beautiful Refactoring In Your Python Apps

Whether you are an aspiring programmer or someone who already has knowledge about using or developing Python programming language, PyCon is an annual event that you should definitely not miss. Despite the global pandemic at the time, PyCon 2020 was still a success. Speakers, experts, and Python enthusiasts were gathered digitally in the recently concluded conference in Pittsburgh. All videos are now accessible on Pycon 2020 official channel on YouTube. We recently came across this interesting talk from Conor Hoerkstra highlighting the great advantage of Refactoring the code in your Python Apps.

Refactoring in Python is generally a technique of changing an application, either the code or the architecture. In this way, the application will still behave the same way but was improved internally. This technique is often done to establish stability, improved performance, or to reduce the complexity of its code. In this video, we will discover the beauty of refactoring and how it can bring a significant difference in Python. This talk will show how to identify certain anti-patterns that can be replaced with more expressive and declarative code. To learn more about refactoring, feel free to watch the video below.

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