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Learn Python With How I Solved My NYC Parking Problem Using Python by Jessica Garson (PyCon 2020) Video

Python programming language is one of the widely used programming languages in the world. It is often described as an easy-to-use language and is most ideal for beginners. We have learned from the previous videos from the recently concluded PyCon 2020 that Python has been used in many different fields such as physics, agriculture, and more. In this video shared by Jessica Garson, we will realize that Python can be used in many surprising and sometimes unimaginable ways.

In this video, Jessica shared her personal experience on how she managed to solve her NYC Parking problem using an app that she created with the help of Python. Apparently, Jessica is residing in a neighborhood that follows alternate-side parking. It is a traffic law that dictates on which side of the street cars can be parked on a given day. She recently discovered that there are days that alternate-side parking is canceled and realized that she wasted many days moving her car even if she didn’t have to. Here, she will demonstrate how she created an app using Python, Twilio, and the Twitter API to solve this problem and be notified whenever she doesn’t need to move her car. Feel free to watch this interesting story below.

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