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Learn Python With Static Typing in Python by Dustin Ingram (PyCon 2020) Video


Python is regarded as a flexible and beginner-friendly programming language without static types. This video will be discussing the advantages and drawbacks of a static type framework, as well as recent attempts to bring static typing to Python through optional “type hints” and various tools to helps add types to Python codes.

Today, we are learning another interesting topic about the Python programming language. In this video presentation, Dustin Ingram, an Advocate developer from Google will share with us an intriguing topic about the Python programming language that most of you might find worth exploring. Generally, the Python Programming Language is known for being dynamically typed. It’s a flexible and beginner-friendly programming language without static types.

Interestingly, in this video, Dustin will demonstrate to us if Python Programming Language can be statically typed. This 21-minute-long presentation will highly everything we need to know about static typing and what it means for Python, for Python programmers, and what the future has in store for Python’s type system. The video will also highlight the notable differences between the dynamic types (such as int, float, and str) and static types. We will also learn both the advantages and disadvantages of a static type system as well as the efforts to introduce this system to Python programming language through the optional “type hints” and various tools to aid in adding types to Python code.

In this clear and concise presentation, we will learn that even though Python is a dynamically typed language, it can optionally be as statically typed as you want it to be. Dustin will also discuss optional static typing for Python and the differences between Python type checkers like MyPy and pytype (by Google). To learn more about Static typing in Python, feel free to watch this highly educational video presentation below.

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