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How To Print A File From A Python Script

How To Print A File From A Python Script

Tkinter might often be characterized by its simplicity compared to other leading GUI frameworks today. However, despite the apparent simplicity, this module is capable of creating amazing Python GUI applications. John Elder of Codemy recently came up with a tutorial series dedicated to using Tkinter in your Python script applications. There are currently more than 100 videos on his channel that will highlight different topics about Tkinter including the most basic elements to the most advanced projects that you can work on in this aforementioned module.

How do I print a file from a Python script?

Probably one of his biggest projects in this Python GUI tutorial series on YouTube is the Text Editor. The project was divided into multiple parts where we learn how to input various functionalities. In this video, John will show us a quick and easy way to Print a file from a Python script using Tkinter on Windows via the win32api. Printing can be complicated, no matter which programming language you use. In this video, he will show us an easy way to print a file from our Python GUI text editor using win32api and some voodoo. Feel free to watch the tutorial below to learn more. Good luck!

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