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Learn Python With The Hitchhiker’s Guide to CLIs in Python by Vinayak Mehta (PyCon 2020) Video


Here comes another interesting talk from the recently concluded PyCon 2020. In this video presented by Vinayak Mehta, we will learn more about Command-line applications and their interesting history as well as how can we create them using various Python packages. We all know that these Command-line applications and interfaces are used by both newcomers and experienced Python developers on a daily basis but how exactly they came to be? Vinayak will take us back in time and give us a glimpse of its interesting origin.

The video will also highlight CLI anatomy and will also help us discover a great number of Python packages that can help us create these command-line applications. Vinayak will also share with us some of the widely used CLIs of our generation and will also teach us how to emulate them by creating our own CLI using Click (a Python package for creating beautiful command-line interfaces). He will then help us publish the project in PyPI. To learn more about CLI, feel free to watch the video below.

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