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What You Need To Build A Simple Calculator App


John Elder of Codemy recently started a Python Tkinter GUI Tutorial series with the main goal of teaching aspiring programmers how to create GUI using the Tkinter in the Python Programming language. The tutorial series was divided into different parts and will tackle different topics in every video. In this particular tutorial (the fifth video in his Python Tkinter GUI Tutorial series), he will show us how to create a simple Calculator app.

Provided that you already have some knowledge of Python and you have successfully completed his previous tutorials, you should know now how to input “Entry Widgets” and create “Buttons” and “Labels” using the Tkinter module in Python. Now, this video will ask us to effectively apply those elements and create a simple yet functional calculator app. Learning how to do it will allow you to easily build a Simple Calculator with Python Programming Software. Feel free to watch the python GUI tutorial below and learn more!

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