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How To Make A Python GUI With A Date Picker Calendar

How To Make A Python GUI With A Date Picker Calendar

Tkinter is the default interface for Python GUI creation. The module already come with Python itself and you no longer need to download a separate program to start building GUI for your project or application. Simply import Tkinter and you easily get full control over the framework. It comes with a unique widget system that allows users to create simple GUI applications easily and fast.

In this video, we will learn how to build a simple Date picker calendar app using the Tkinter module in Python. tkcalendar is a python module that provides the Calendar and DateEntry widgets for Tkinter. The DateEntry widget is similar to a Combobox, but the drop-down is not a list but a Calendar to select a date. Events can be displayed in the Calendar with custom colors and a tooltip displays the event list for a given day. Tkinter doesn’t have a calendar widget, so we’ll need to pip install tkcalendar which is a little program that will allow us to create a nice calendar that we can use to find the current date. To learn more about this widget, feel free to watch the video below.

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