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Why You Should Debug Your Programs The Easy Way

Why You Should Debug Your Programs The Easy Way

Every programmer, whether a beginner or an expert, should know the importance of debugging their code. Generally, debugging is the process of detecting and removing existing and potential bugs in a software code. We certainly do not want to encounter errors that often leads to crashing or unexpected behavior in our project. To make it simple, debugging is the quickest way to find and resolve bugs or defects in our codes. It really helps, of course, to choose really capable, modern IDE software to help provide a better more hand-holding experience.

There are many ways to debug code. Some are using the old Print method while others are taking advantage of Python’s built-in debugger known as pdb. In this video presented by Nina Zakharenko from the PyCon Python conference, we will learn more about debugging. For some of you who are still debugging codes with Print, this video will teach you how to level up your ability to troubleshoot complex code situations by using a better and more advanced debugging tool. She will also highlight a great variety of debugger tools that are available today. Nina will also provide a step-by-step demonstration on how to debug a real code that will help programmers easily diagnose problems and errors. Feel free to watch the video below and learn more about debugging in Python.

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