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How To Create A Weather App With The Python Delphi Ecosystem and Weatherstack API

Weather has always held a certain fascination for us, shaping our daily decisions and guiding our plans. As technology continues to weave itself into every facet of our lives, it’s no surprise that it has also transformed how we interact with the weather. In this article, we will create a weather app that blends the power of the Python Delphi ecosystem with the rich data streams of the…
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How To Read And Write Text Files in Cross Platform Apps

Tkinter is a beginner-friendly GUI toolkit for Python and can be used to create cross platform apps. It features a widget system that allows you to easily add elements to your application using a simple line of commands. In this video, John Elder of Codemy will teach us how to create a simple text editor using the Tkinter in Python. Although this project sounds complicated, it is surprisingly easy…
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