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How To Make More Than 20 ChatGPT Prompts Work With Python GUI Builders And NumPy Library?

With the growing demand for Data Science and Analytics skill sets, performing complex transformations or mathematical calculations with matrices or arrays is one of the skills you absolutely need. Are you looking for a simple way to integrate powerful N-dimensional array objects, sophisticated (broadcasting) functions, tools for integrating C/C++ and Fortran code, useful linear algebra, Fourier…
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How To Create An ML-Powered Food Classification App Using The Python Delphi Ecosystem

In this tutorial, we will unleash the power of machine learning and Delphi’s ecosystem to create an ingenious food classification app. Experience the future of food identification, empowering users to make informed choices with real-time analysis, all at their fingertips. Let’s dive into the exciting journey of building an ML-powered food classification app using Delphi. What…
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How to Create a BMI App With Delphi Ecosystem And Python

Are you interested in building an application that can calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) using Python GUI? Look no further, as we will guide you through creating a BMI app with Python. BMI is essential for monitoring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, making it a great project for beginners and intermediate-level Python programmers. With the help of Python and the Delphi ecosystem, you…
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Understanding The Basics of DelphiFMX and DelphiVCL

RAD Studio with Delphi is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating applications in the Object Pascal programming language. It enables developers to create cross-platform applications with UIs using two libraries: Visual Component Library (VCL) and FireMonkey (FMX). This article will go over the fundamentals of DelphiVCL and DelphiFMX and how to install and test these Delphi…
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