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How To Write A Simple Todo Gui Application Using Delphifmx

A graphical user interface (GUI) is an essential part of any application that allows users to interact with the program and perform necessary actions easily. Python is a powerful popular programming language widely used to create different types of applications. However, it is intended mainly for writing backend code and generally does not have simple tools for creating a user interface.
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7 Recommended Python Tools to Easily Build GUIs

In the past few decades, computers have relied on interaction with the user via a graphical user interface, i.e., a GUI. It consists of a main window, a menu, a toolbar, buttons, labels, etc. There are various Python tools for building GUIs, and here I will go through seven of them. The general structure of these tools is similar – one has to define the main window, together with some components…
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This Is How To Pad Python Widgets One Side At A Time

In this tutorial (which doesn’t just apply to Windows development) you will be learning how to only pad one side of a widget at a time instead of the default two sides. Whenever we pad widgets, we use pady and padx, but by default we put padding on two sides of the widget. Pady places the padding above and below, the padx puts the padding to the left and to the bottom. In this tutorial, you…
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This Is The Beginner's Guide to Python GUI Tools

Since its introduction, Python has emerged as one of the most powerful programming technologies. Its simple syntax and robust object-oriented nature have made it a favorite among different developer communities. Today, teams can rely on Python whether they are carrying out regular windows application development or developing enterprise-level scalable applications and even hardcore data science…
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