10 Resources That’ll Make You Better At Python Programming Software

10 Resources Thatll Make You Better At Python Programming Software

Python is the most popular programming language on the planet. Developers around the world use it for building high-performance web applications and AI solutions. To make the most out of the language, you need to be good at Python programming software. There are tons of resources available online. But which are the best ones? In this post, you will find the 10 best resources for getting better at Python programming software. Let’s dive in.

What are the 10 best resources that will make you better at Python programming software?

1. Python GUI

Python GUI offers plenty of resources. It covers a diverse range of tutorials to help you efficiently work with databases, application development, and GUI development. Also, Python GUI offers comprehensive guides and tips for effectively utilizing the power of Python programming language and its libraries. As a developer, you will find it to be incredibly useful.

Python GUI informs you about the best tools for efficiently working with the programming language. It comprehensively covers high-performance IDEs, like PyScripter. It helps you to develop applications faster. Also, Python GUI covers the best GUI frameworks, like Tkinter. By following the guides, you can easily create graphical user interfaces for your application. Overall, Python GUI has everything to make you better at Python programming software.  

2. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp’s [1] mission is to help you learn to code for free. It offers hundreds of videos and articles. By following them, you can enrich your Python knowledge and skill. With FreeCodeCamp, you learn to code through interactive coding challenges. It makes you a better programmer, as you need to creatively think about the solution.

However, not all the challenges are difficult. You start with the easier ones. As you make progress, you will begin to face harder challenges. Also, FreeCodeCamp offers several specialized certification programs, including Scientific Computing with Python and Machine Learning with Python. They comprehensively cover various libraries and tools, like Panda, Tensorflow, Jupyter Notebook, etc. Therefore, FreeCodeCamp can help you to be better at Python programming software.

3. GeeksforGeeks

As the name suggests, it’s a site for the programming geeks. It offers various courses on Python, web development, and machine learning. The content is 100% free. It helps you to be a Python programmer without spending any money.

GeeksforGeeks [2] covers everything related to Python, including the basics and advanced topics. It starts with syntax and then moves to Django web development frameworks. Also, it teaches Tkinter, Selenium, OpenCV, NumPy, Panda, etc. On top of that, GeeksforGeeks offers tons of articles covering everything related to Python. It provides effective tips and tricks. Overall, it’s an ideal website for all the programming geeks.

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4. Jetbrains

Jetbrains is the creator of the famous PyCharm IDE. Its blog contains a lot of useful information. It covers numerous guides and tutorials. They can make you significantly better at Python programming software.

Jetbrains’s PyCharm blog [3] covers everything from Python libraries to web development frameworks, like Django and Flask. Also, it provides tons of tips and tricks. They can make you a productive programmer. On top of that, Jetbrain offers numerous courses through its academy, including Python for Beginners and Django Developer. If you really love to learn and work with Python, it’s one of the best resources that you can find online.

5. Udemy

Udemy [4] is one of the world’s largest online learning platforms. It offers numerous courses on Python programming software and language. Udemy enables you to learn from experts with years of experience. It’s one of the strongest points of the platform.

Udemy offers both paid and free courses. The price varies depending on the amount of content. However, it often drops to less than $10. The platform runs promotions throughout the year. You will get numerous courses that can transform you from a Python beginner into an advanced developer. Therefore, Udemy can be a highly valuable resource for you.

6. YouTube

YouTube [5] is one of the best resources that can make you better at Python programming software. It has plenty of Python channels, like Programming with Mosh and Real Dojo, that provide quality tutorials.

If you are a beginner, you will find the video tutorials to be very useful. They provide explanations of the code in detail. Also, you will find plenty of tips and tricks on Python programming software. By following them, you can significantly enhance your productivity. On top of that, YouTube is completely free. If you are a cost-conscious learner, it is definitely the right resource for you.

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7. Medium

Medium [6] is an online publishing platform. Here, you can find plenty of Python-related content produced by the experts. It is equally useful for both novice and advanced programmers.

Medium offers tons of tips and tricks for Python programming tools. You can utilize them to efficiently create programs. Also, it provides guides for advanced projects. By following them, you can build an amazing portfolio. Overall, Medium is a great platform for all Python learners and enthusiasts around the world.

8. Python For Beginners

Python for Beginners [7] offers tons of tutorials for helping you quickly pick up the language. It offers easy-to-follow tutorials to effectively teach you the fundamentals. It covers everything from setting up Python, loops, lists, operators, exception handling, etc.

Python for Beginners provides easy-to-use cheatsheets. Therefore, you no longer have to dig StackOverflow or other sites when you are in a hurry. With cheatsheets, you can get straight to the point. It can make your life a lot easier. Also, Python for Beginners offers useful tips and tricks through newsletters. By following them, you can efficiently solve your programming challenges.

9. Javatpoint

Javatpoint [8] has tons of tutorials on Python. It provides comprehensive explanations of various concepts. You can use the website to develop a solid foundation in the programming language.  

Also, Javatpoint teaches you various Python frameworks, including Django and Flask. As a result, you can start building web applications. Besides, it covers various libraries and tools, like Numpy, Panda, PyTorch, etc. On top of that, it offers tutorials on Jupyter Notebook, which is the best Python programming software for data science. Overall, Javatpoint is a great option for diving deeper into the world of coding.

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10. Real Python (tips and tricks)

Real Python [9] is a great place to learn the world’s most popular programming language. It provides you variety of resources, including tutorials, video courses, and quizzes, to effectively develop your understanding.

Real Python offers learning paths for accelerating your study. It guides you to efficiently transform yourself from a beginner into an advanced developer. Also, Real Python provides lots of tips and tricks. On top of that, it provides guides for effectively using Python programming software. Therefore, it can be very useful for you.

Is Python GUI really the best resource for Python programming software?

Python GUI offers plenty of tutorials, guides, and, tips and tricks. It covers everything from GUI development with Tkinter to application development with Django. Also, it covers highly efficient IDEs, like PyScripter, which can make you an efficient Python coder. On top of that, the content is very easy to follow. You will not face any difficulty understanding the details. For these reasons, Python GUI is the best resource for getting better at Python programming software.

PyScripter is a powerful Python programming tool. It offers several amazing features, including the remote engine, remote debugger, and integrated unit testing. Try it now for free.  










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