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Build An Artificial Intelligence Solutions With PyTorch Library In A Delphi Windows App

Are you looking for an end-to-end open-source machine learning and deep learning platform, and build a nice GUI for them? You can deliver enterprise-grade AI solutions easily by combining PyTorch and Python4Delphi library, inside Delphi and C++Builder. PyTorch is an open-source machine learning library based on the torch library, used for applications such as computer vision and natural…
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How To Implement an Art Style Transfer GUI App with the Python Delphi Ecosystem

Art Style Transfer has gained immense popularity as an exciting application of AI in the art world. This article delves into the captivating realm of AI art and how art style transfer transforms ordinary images into mesmerizing pieces of art. With the help of the Delphi ecosystem, we will build an Art Style Transfer app that allows users to blend the characteristics of one artwork with another…
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Unlock the Power of Python for Deep Learning with Recurrent Neural Networks

Deep learning algorithms can work with almost any type of data and require massive amounts of computing power and data to solve complex problems. Let us now take a deep dive into one of the most well-known deep learning algorithms: the Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). If you are looking for Convolutional Neural Network algorithm, read our article about it here: Unlock the Power of Python for…
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Become An Expert With A Python GUI Builder By Watching These 5 Videos

Python is a powerful programming language that works well in a variety of environments. Free Python compilers for Windows for running Python programs include PyScripter, PyDev, Jupyter Notebook, and many more. In addition, there is a diverse range of options for a Python GUI builder. The MIT license applies to PyScripter, an open-source, free Python compiler with a comprehensive set of great…
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