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How to Create a Stopwatch/Timer Android App With Delphi For Python?

Delphi is a popular development environment for building Windows and mobile applications. It has a rich set of libraries and tools that make it easy to create cross-platform apps. Delphi for Python is an extension of Delphi that allows you to use supercharge Python to build attractive applications. This tutorial will show you how to create a stopwatch/timer Android app using Delphi for…
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Understanding The Basics of DelphiFMX and DelphiVCL

RAD Studio with Delphi is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating applications in the Object Pascal programming language. It enables developers to create cross-platform applications with UIs using two libraries: Visual Component Library (VCL) and FireMonkey (FMX). This article will go over the fundamentals of DelphiVCL and DelphiFMX and how to install and test these Delphi…
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How To Create A Calculator App Using Python GUI?

Python is a fantastic programming language for developing a wide range of useful scripts and programs, including graphical user interfaces (GUIs). A graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to perform operations on a program, platform, device, or application without typing commands or understanding its code. So, if you want to learn to make stunning GUIs with Python, this article is for…
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How To Get Started With Python GUI Development?

Third-party development packages/frameworks are made to simplify a developer’s job. They facilitate the development of a specific type of application or the use of a specific language. Instead of manually coding the user interface in Python, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) framework for Python makes the process much simpler. This article will serve as a basic introduction to an e-book…
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