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How To Start Python GUI Development With Delphi?

How To Get Started With Python GUI Development

Python is a popular and versatile programming language, and GUI development in Python is in high demand. However, developing GUI applications, particularly cross-platform ones, can be difficult. Delphi is a powerful programming language used for GUI development since the 1990s. In this article, we will look at how to get started with Python GUI development with Delphi and how to use the powerful features of both languages to create powerful and intuitive GUI applications.

How can we compare Delphi’s DNA to the Zen of Python?

How To Start Python GUI Development With Delphi Python vs Delphi DNA

Python and Delphi share several design principles that guide the evolution of their respective programming languages. The Zen of Python, a collection of guiding principles for the Python programming language, also emphasizes simplicity, readability, and explicitness. Delphi places a premium on developer productivity, providing a suite of tools and components that make it simple to build powerful applications.

Both languages prioritize developer accessibility through simple visual designers or clear and concise code. In this article, we’ll look at the similarities and differences between Delphi and Python design philosophies and how they affect application development in both languages.

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What are the differences between Delphi and Python?

The first distinction is that while Delphi has a free community edition, Python is open-source. The second distinction is that Python employs garbage collection with reference counting and cycle detection. In contrast, Delphi employs manual memory management with an ownership model that simplifies it in most cases. 
Third, regarding how the languages work, Delphi is primarily a compiled language, whereas Python is an interpreted language with some compiling options. Finally, while Delphi is commonly used to develop business-to-business software or internal IT development, Python has become a general-purpose language. Still, it is used for machine learning research and prototyping.

Which levels of development are home to Delphi and Python?

How To Start Python GUI Development With Delphi Unleash the power of your dreams
How To Start Python GUI Development With Delphi A low code comparison graphic

Delphi or Python development can be classified into low code, standard and third-party libraries, and raw memory access. 

At low level, Delphi provides many visual low-code tools that allow developers to focus on productivity rather than writing code, but there are limitations to what can be accomplished. The second level involves using common libraries and creating programs, which allows for greater customization. Finally, the third level is the most versatile, powerful, and least productive because it requires dealing with raw memory and pointers via assembly language code.

Delphi effectively combines all three levels of development. Conversely, Python falls primarily into the middle level, with numerous built-in and third-party libraries. Python has garbage collectors that collect garbage automatically, whereas Delphi handles garbage manually. Python also supports the creation of extension modules in C, which provides raw memory management and broadens its reach to include low-level platform access.

Python’s ability to import extension modules as libraries make it extremely productive at the middle level of development, and include Python extension modules written in Delphi.

Which libraries does Delphi offer?

How To Start Python GUI Development With Delphi A laptop showing the Delphi FMX and VCL Python library downloads
How To Start Python GUI Development With Delphi The Delphi and Python ecosystem explained

Python for Delphi bridge has capability to offer two rich and mature GUI frameworks for graphical user interface (GUI) application development to Python as extension modules:

What is VCL’s technology stack? 

The VCL (Visual Component Library) is a technology stack based on Windows components, including message interception handles. VCL simplifies the use of Windows components by adding a layer of abstraction, removing the need for developers to think about handles, messages, and other details. VCL is designed for Windows-based development and is built with the component model for component reuse.

What is the FMX’s technology stack?

FireMonkey is a cross-platform graphical user interface framework that was released in 2011. It was built from the ground up to be hardware accelerated, utilizing GPUs via DirectX on Windows and OpenGL on other platforms. FireMonkey includes platform services that aid in abstraction when transferring between platforms. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. It adapts automatically to the platform you’re using, with the UI’s behaviors, looks, and feels changing accordingly.

What are the final thoughts on how to Start Python GUI development with Delphi?

How To Start Python GUI Development With Delphi A woman looking at computer screen which is dislaying the Getting started with Python GUI web page

In conclusion, Delphi for Python offers a stable and efficient solution for GUI development with Python. It combines Python’s ease of use and versatility with the power of Delphi’s GUI development capabilities to create intuitive and user-friendly cross-platform applications. Because Delphi has a long history in GUI development, developers can use its powerful tools and features to create functional and visually appealing applications. 

Furthermore, by incorporating Delphi into Python GUI development, developers can leverage the strengths of both languages to create powerful applications that meet their requirements. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Delphi for Python GUI development, there’s a great resource available in the form of an eBook. This comprehensive guide walks you through using Delphi to create Python GUI applications. It goes over creating forms, using components, handling events, and other topics. This eBook can help you unlock the full potential of Delphi for creating beautiful and powerful GUI applications, whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started with Python GUI development.

So, to take your Python GUI development to the next level, check out the “Getting Started with Python GUI” ebook today and start creating amazing applications!

What are some FAQs related to PythonGUI?

How To Start Python GUI Development With Delphi A laptop with a person looking at the FAQ page

What is Delphi?

Delphi is a software development kit and programming language that has been around since the 1990s. It is well-known for its GUI development capabilities and is widely used in developing applications for Windows and other platforms.

Why should you use Delphi for Python GUI development?

Delphi’s powerful GUI development tools and features make it an ideal solution for visually appealing and intuitive applications. When Delphi’s capabilities are combined with Python’s versatility and ease of use, the result is a powerful solution for developing cross-platform GUI applications.

What is the “Getting Started with Python GUI” eBook?

The Python GUI Programming with Delphi eBook is a comprehensive guide to developing Python GUIs with Delphi. It provides a step-by-step tutorial on creating forms, using components, handling events, and more, making it an excellent resource for Python GUI developers looking to improve their skills.

Is the Delphi for Python combination suitable for beginners?

While Delphi and Python can be a little daunting for beginners, developers of all skill levels can use the two together. The eBook “Python GUI Programming with Delphi” provides a comprehensive guide that can assist beginners in learning the fundamentals of Delphi and Python GUI development.

Can Delphi be used for other programming languages?

Delphi is primarily used for developing applications using its programming language, but it can also be used with other programming languages such as C++ and C#. Its GUI development capabilities, however, are best utilized with its language.

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