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Learn Python With Build A Python GUI App Tutorial Video

Did you know that you can create a GUI app that can drastically improve your workflow? Well, this video will show us how! Dev Ed recently shared a video tutorial that will teach us how to create a GUI app using Python and its default GUI module ~ the Tkinter. In this new Learn Python video, he will walk us through how to build a GUI app that will automatically open other apps that we normally use.
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Learn Three Different Ways of Formatting String in Python!

In this post, we will learn three different ways of formatting string in Python as well as which one you should use. The old way In the beginning of Python, there was only one way to format strings – by using %s. Let’s an example: "Hello, %s" %s name %s serves as a placeholder for a value in name variable. More variable could be embedded by adding more %s in the string…
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Compare Python For Delphi VCL vs Dear PyGUI For Windows Apps

Are you an expert in desktop apps and GUI development who want to also work with Python because of its simplicity, flexible use, and growing demand in the market out there? Or are you a Python Developer at any level who wants to start a GUI development journey? This article is for you. We will review the two examples of the most powerful Python Desktop App and GUI Frameworks:Python For…
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Learn Python With Tkinter Python GUI Tutorial For Beginners 12 - Simple GUI Calculator Using Tkinter Video

If you have been following the Tkinter Python GUI Tutorial For Beginners Series by Programming Knowledge on YouTube, you probably know now how to create basic GUI applications using the Tkinter GUI framework and Python programming language. From the previous tutorials, we learned how to create GUI apps like a simple Registration form, a Paint application, and even a Tic-Tac-Toe Game. Now, we are…
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