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This Is How TShiftState Works For Windows App Development

This Is How TShiftState Works For Windows App Development

TShiftState in DelphiVCL indicates the state of the modifier keys – shift/ctrl/alt, the mouse buttons, or touch devices when you are performing Windows app development.

The TShiftState type is used by key-event and mouse-event handlers to determine the state of the modifier keys, the state of the mouse buttons, or the state of an attached touch device when the event occurs. It is a set of flags that indicates the following states:

ssShiftThe SHIFT key is held down.
ssAltThe ALT key is held down.
ssCtrlThe CTRL key is held down.
ssLeftThe left mouse button is held down.
ssRightThe right mouse button is held down.
ssMiddleThe wheel mouse button is held down.
ssDoubleThe mouse button was double-clicked.
ssTouchThe user is holding a finger on the touch surface.
ssPenThe pen is touching the surface of a tablet.
ssCommandThe CMD key is held down (only on Mac).
ssHorizontalThe user is moving a finger horizontally on the touch surface or is rolling the mouse wheel to produce a horizontal displacement.


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