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Creating a GUI is the first step of any programming language. If you are planning to create an app, you need a GUI framework for it. While most beginners pick Tkinter as the most practical toolkit to use, this video will introduce us to another interesting GUI library for Python Windows GUI Builder. In this video, we will get a brief introduction to Eel and how it can be effectively used to create GUI in Python.

Unlike Tkinter, Eel is a little Python library specifically for making simple Electron-like offline HTML/JS GUI apps, with full access to Python capabilities and libraries. Eel allows you to create a simple local web server, hosting webpages to use as GUI for your python program. It also provides annotation features so that python and JavaScript can communicate. Provided that you have all the basic knowledge about Python and JavaScript, you can watch this detailed demonstration below and see how this Eel GUI library works.

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