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Everything You Need For A Raspberry Pi Science Fair Project

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Let’s face it, we all know that Python is one of the most widely used programming languages and we have learned by now that it is being applied in many different fields. However, who would have thought that even grade schoolers can embrace the Python programming language and apply it to their school science project?

The story of Wendi Dreeson, Python and a Raspberry Pi Science Project

In this video shared by Wendi Dreesen from the PyCon 2020, we will learn how Python managed to help her kid built a successful 5th Grade Science fair project using Raspberry Pi.

According to the video, Wendi’s son wanted to take his science fair project to a new level by measuring marble speeds on different tracks (linear and curvy) using the Raspberry Pi to make the measurements. In this talk, Wendi will share her experiences as well as the difficulties they encounter while building this project. She will walk us through all the details of this project and will share with us some useful tips on how to make a successful one. To learn more on how to mix Raspberry Pi with Python, feel free to watch this video below. Have fun!

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