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Everything You Need To Automate Network Tests with pyATS

learn python with introduction to writing network tests with pyats by hank preston pycon 2020 video

In this video shared by Hank Preston from PyCon, we will get an insight into the interesting world of network engineering. When something is seemingly not working right with a system or an application, we tend to blame it on the network. We used to quickly jump to the conclusion that “the network is probably down”. Engineers will often run various tests to figure out the problem. Part of standard troubleshooting might include pinging, running some ‘show’ commands, and more.

In this talk, we are introduced to pyATS. According to the video, pyATS and the pyATS library define an ecosystem that streamlines and standardizes how you set up and run automated network tests. pyATS is an open-source network test framework that was built by software developers for network developers. It provides all the tools automation engineers need to describe test cases, run jobs, gather reports, and make the entire process part of your network automation pipeline. Learning how to do it will allow you to easily Automate Network Tests with pyATS when building software using Python Windows GUI Builder. To know more about this framework and how to use it effectively with Python, feel free to watch the video below.

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