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How To Automate The Boring Stuff With Slackbot And Python


Programmers are lazy! Well, at least that’s how Takanori Suzuki jokingly described his profession. In this video presentation from PyCon 2020, Takanori Suzuki will share his experiences and how he successfully managed to handle the overwhelming number of inquiries from the previous PyCon JP events. Managing conferences is a tough job, and Takanori described how he deals with the same inquiries from the staff and provides them with the same set of answers through chat.

Describing these tasks as “boring”, Takanori decided to develop a chatbot that could provide automated responses on his behalf. In this video, he will demonstrate how to create a chatbot using Slackbot and how to create a simple boy in Python that responds to specific keywords. He will also demonstrate comprehensively how to make a bot command to perform certain operations. Learning how to do it will allow you to easily build automated slack bots with Python using Python Coding Software If you are interested in learning more about creating a chatbot using Python, feel free to watch this Learn Python video below.

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