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What You Need For Machine Learning on Encrypted Data

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Due to the global pandemic for PyCon 2020 talks, seminars, and workshops were all presented digitally. The most interesting part about this is that everyone can still access all the tutorials and talks through PyCon 2020’s official YouTube channel. If you are looking for Python-related talks and tutorials, you can always visit their channel and review some of their helpful digital workshops for free. In this video below presented by Mark Ibrahim, we will learn how to train a machine learning model without ever revealing the original inputs.

Mark will introduce us to a machine learning framework known as Crypten. According to the video, CrypTen is an ML framework built on PyTorch that enables you to easily study and develop machine learning models using secure computing techniques. This framework allows you to develop models with the PyTorch API while performing computations on encrypted data without revealing the protected information. In this 26-minute long digital workshop, we will learn how to use CrypTen from the basic installation, setup, to the actual application. Learning how to do it will allow you to easily build Python Applications using CrypTen with Python Windows GUI Builder. To know more about CrypTen, feel free to watch the video below.

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