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How To Make A Standalone Python EXE Executable

learn python with standalone python exe executable video

If you have been following John Elder of Comedy on his YouTube channel, you are probably aware of his Python Tkinter GUI tutorial series. His comprehensive tutorials have provided us with all the things we need to know on how to effectively use the Tkinter in Python. Now, he is back for another interesting tutorial, a new project using the Tkinter library in Python. Learning how to do it will allow you to easily build GUIs with Python Build Tools.

How do I make a stand-alone Python exe executable?

In this video (the 40th tutorial video from his Python Tkinter GUI series), John will show us how to turn your Python Tkinter program into a standalone executable exe file that you can share with your friends or sell on your website. There are many ways to make a .exe file out of a Tkinter program but he will show us the fastest and easiest method using the pyinstaller. To know more about this project, feel free to watch the video below. Good luck and have fun!

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