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Is Python a Scripting Language or a Programming Language?

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What is a Python script? Is Python a scripting language? Many people have these questions. However, you are often left with confusing answers. But here’s the reality. Python is a programming language. However, you can use it for scripting as well. But what is a scripting language? Why Python is a popular scripting language? In this post, you will find all the details.

Is Python A Scripting Language – What Are The Differences Between Programming And Scripting Languages?

Is Python A Scripting Language What Are The Differences Between Programming And Scripting Languages

Similar to other programming languages, Python has many variants, like Pypy and Jython. However, it is considered to be a scripting language. Because it allows you to easily write scripts.

There are several differences between programming languages and scripting languages. However, here is the main one. Scripting languages do not need compilation. On the other hand, programming languages are directly interpreted.

Similar to JavaScript, Python scripting language doesn’t need any compilation before the execution. Other programming languages, like C++, require compilation.

Script language is very simple. As a result, you can quickly learn it. Also, Python uses less code. Hence, it is easier to use than other languages.

Let’s find some more differences between programming and scripting languages.

Is Python A Scripting Language – Platform-Specific vs Platform-Agnostic

Scripting languages are platform-specific. On the other hand, programming languages are platform-agnostic. In other words, they are cross-platform. They can execute themselves. For example, you can run Java on any operating system.

Is Python A Scripting Language – Interpreted vs Compiled

Programming languages are compiled. On the other hand, scripting languages are mostly interpreted. However, some scripting languages, like Python and Groovy, are both compiled and interpreted.

Is Python A Scripting Language – Faster vs Slower at Runtime

Programming languages don’t need to be compiled in real-time. As a result, they run faster than scripting languages.

Is Python A Scripting Language – More vs Less Code-Intensive

Programming languages are more code-intensive. It requires you to manually do a lot of things. However, scripting languages are less code-intensive. Therefore, you can get the job done by writing fewer lines of code.

Is Python A Scripting Language – Standalone Apps vs Apps as Part of a Stack

There are some things that you can’t do with a scripting language. For instance, you can’t use it to create standalone desktop and mobile applications. Because there’s no runtime environment for interpreting code.

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Is Python A Scripting Language – What Are The Features Of Scripting Languages?

Is Python A Scripting Language What Are The Features Of Scripting Languages

Scripting and programming languages are quite similar to one another. But when it comes to features, you will find the real differences. For example, scripting languages require you to write significantly less code than programming languages. It eliminates complexities and boosts productivity. It’s one of the best scripting language features.

Also, scripting language provides all the basic features of modern programming languages. Examples include support for powerful variable types, standard control statements, and functions.

On top of that, scripting languages are free and open source. As a result, you get complete control to view and edit code the way you like.

Is Python A Scripting Language – Confusions About Scripting Languages

You might face several confusions about scripting languages from time to time. Let’s take a look at the main one.

People often get very confused with frontend vs backend scripting languages. However, it doesn’t make much sense to speak about them.

Because developers are mostly using just one frontend scripting language, which is JavaScript. Earlier, people used different languages, such as ActionScript and JScript. However, they are all deprecated.

In the context of scripting language, frontend vs backend scripting language is not that important. Instead, the significance lies in the runtime environment. Because the scripting language runs on it.

Keep in mind that ‘frontend’ simply refers to the things that a web browser can interpret. Examples include image, font, markup, stylesheet, and script.

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Python Scripting Vs. Programming – Is Python A Scripting Language or A Programming Language?

Python is a programming language. However, you can use it as a scripting language as well.

Developers mainly use Python as a programming language. And its popularity is continuously increasing. Also, developers use other programming languages, such as PHP, C, and Ruby. But Python remains the most popular high-level programming language of the decade.

But why is it so popular? There are various reasons. The main one is simplicity. Machine learning with Python is very easy to understand for everyone. Students and beginners find it simpler. And it’s a very important factor.

People always prefer a simple way to learn about web development. Python is very easy in many aspects. That’s why people love learning Python. The language will continue to influence the world of learners.

Python Scripting Vs Programming Is Python A Scripting Language or A Programming Language

Script language has a simple syntax. That’s why it’s incredibly easy to understand. Even if you are a beginner, you won’t face any issues understanding it. Hence, Python is widely used in programming. Also, it is an interpreted language that translates code. As a result, it has become more versatile than any other scripting languages.

People find it easier to write Python programs than other scripting languages. Because the syntax is a bit easier. Also, the code is shorter to use in the programs.

Why do people consider Python to be a scripting language? The answer is pretty simple. It translates source code. People are often confused because of the blurred lines between programming and scripting languages. But technically, Python is a lot easier to understand.

Is Python A Scripting Language – Why Python Programming Is So Popular Today?

Is Python A Scripting Language Why Python Programming Is So Popular Today

Python is very simple. It’s one of the main reasons behind its massive popularity. It offers robust development and simple multiprocessing. Apart from being a programming language, Python is also a scripting language. Therefore, more apps can utilize it. Python primarily works as a programming language. However, it can be also used as a scripting language at the same time. As a result, it has become more appealing to a wider audience.

Python is a development language. You can utilize it in different industries. Tech companies use it in automation technology, web scraping, machine learning, image processing, and AI They equally use Python in both scripting and development.

Is Python A Scripting Language – The World of Python

Python works well as both a scripting language and a programming language. It provides a versatile solution. It has everything to meet the needs of developers and programmers. You should seriously consider investing time and energy into Python. Because it’s beneficial in many ways.

If you want to work in AI and Machine Learning, you need to have a solid knowledge of Python. Also, it’s very useful for developing web applications and analytics solutions.

Python is simple and powerful. It enables you to develop web applications with significantly less effort and time. Also, it can make you better at programming. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, Python has everything to meet your needs.

Interpreted vs Compiled Programming Languages

An interpreted programming language has been designed to directly execute source code. It doesn’t require compiling a program into machine-language instructions. An interpreter translates statements into a series of one or more subroutines. Once the process is done, it translates them into another language, like machine code. 

In compiled programming languages, a compiler program translates high-level programming language code into a lower-level language code for execution. For example, C or Java programs need to be compiled first before execution. Have you heard about Eclipse for Java and GCC for C and C++? They are all well-known compilers.

5 Best Scripting Languages

1. Python

5 Best Scripting Languages Python
Source Pythonorg website

Python is one of the most popular programming languages on the planet. People love to use it. Thanks to the clear and concise syntax. Also, coding in Python doesn’t require you to write a lot of code. You can create powerful programs with just a few lines.

Python is free and open source. Therefore, you don’t have to spend any money to use it. Python supports structured, object-oriented, and functional programming paradigms. Also, it supports an extensive Standard Library. Overall, it’s incredibly powerful and versatile.

Code Example

Here is a Python code example. It loops through integers between 0 and 5 to print them out.

Unlike other programming languages, Python doesn’t use curly brackets. Also, semicolons are optional. Therefore, you can easily read and write code.

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2. JavaScript/ECMAScript

5 Best Scripting Languages ECMA JavaScript
Source httpswwwecma internationalorg

JavaScript is an implementation of the ECMA-262 standard. It defines the ECMAScript (ES) general-purpose scripting language. That means JavaScript is a dialect of the ECMAScript language. Hence, it doesn’t have a standalone specification. However, it utilizes the same syntax as ECMAScript.

In JavaScript, functions are treated as variables. It allows you to reuse existing objects as prototypes. It supports prototype-based object-oriented programming.

Code Example

3. Groovy

5 Best Scripting Languages Groovy
Source httpsgroovy langorg

Groovy is an object-oriented language. It extends the java.lang.Object superclass. Groovy is written for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). You can use it both as a scripting and a programming language. Groovy is open source. Hence, you can use it for free.

Similar to Java, you can use Groovy as a general-purpose programming language.

4. Bash

5 Best Scripting Languages GNU BASH
Source httpswwwgnuorgsoftwarebash

You may have known Bash as a command-line interpreter (shell) for the GNU operating system. For example, Linux is a GNU operating system that uses the Linux kernel. The kernel is the core part of the OS. It’s the first program that the operating system loads.

Also, Bash is the name of a scripting language. It is written by Brian Fox for the GNU Project. It was first released in 1989.

You can use Bash to perform a variety of functions. For example, you can utilize it for executing commands. Also, it enables you to carry out a variety of tasks, creating, moving, or deleting folders and files. Most people require using a graphical user interface to perform these tasks. But you don’t need to use the GUI with Bash.

5. VBA

5 Best Scripting Languages VBA
Source httpslearnmicrosoftcomen usofficevbaapioverviewlibrary reference

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It’s an implementation of the Visual Basic 6 programming language. Microsoft created it for MS Office applications. VBA enables developers to automate repetitive tasks. Also, it lets you conveniently add new functionalities. Besides, it allows you to interact with the end users of documents.


Is Python a scripting language? Definitely yes. But it’s also a programming language. As a result, it has become incredibly powerful and versatile. You can use Python to develop feature-rich web applications and powerful Machine Learning solutions. Therefore, you should seriously consider learning it.

PyScripter is a powerful Python IDE built on Delphi. It offers several amazing features, including the remote engine, remote debugger, and integrated unit testing. Try it now for free. 


Is Python a programming or scripting language?

Python works as both a programming and a scripting language. Python is considered to be a scripting language because it is interpreted. However, Python is widely used in application development. Therefore, it is also considered to be a high-level programming language.

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