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This Is How To Use Classes In A Python Desktop App

This Is How To Use Classes In A Python Desktop App

The Python Tkinter GUI tutorial series of Codemy generally aims to introduce the Tkinter GUI framework to beginners. The objective is to teach all the basic elements of this GUI toolkit and also to explore its full potential and learn to harness this power in a Python desktop app. Interestingly, as you get more sophisticated with building out your graphical user interfaces using Tkinter, you will quickly realize that there’s more to the module than what meets the eye. To help you track things better, you can take advantage of the Classes in Tkinter.

Classes are more intermediate to an advanced topic in programming, but using classes with Tkinter is actually pretty easy! While it sounded more complex, learning how to use classes is surprisingly easy and fun. In order to initialize the class, we use the __init__ function. This creates a method that runs itself when we form an object from the class. This video is just an introduction to this advanced Tkinter topic. If you want to know more about how Classes work in Python and Tkinter, feel free to watch the video below.

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