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Learn About Demystifying Deep Learning for Data Scientists From Eric J. Ma In This PyCon 2020 Video

PyCon is an annual conference where the Python community is being gathered for one meaningful and educational event. Despite the global pandemic, the PyCon 2020 was still a huge success as the speakers managed to utilize the digital platform to deliver their educational and inspirational talks about the widely-used Python Programming language. In this Python tutorial video, Eric J. Ma will introduce us to the concept of deep learning framework and everything behind it.

This 1-hour long video tutorial will share with us comprehensive details on how the deep learning framework works. Deep Learning Framework is generally an interface, library, or tool that allows data scientists and machine learning engineers to build deep learning models more easily and quickly, without getting into the details of underlying algorithms. According to the video, these deep learning frameworks provide a clear and concise way for defining models using a collection of pre-built and optimized components. If you want to learn more about deep learning framework, feel free to watch the video tutorial below and see how Eric demystifies the internals of deep learning frameworks.

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