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Learn Python With Desktop GUI App With Python and Tkinter Video

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Do you run a business and you want to have an interactive Graphical User Interface application to increase your productivity? Building an app might sound too complicated but it is surprisingly easy especially if you know the right tools to use. Aspiring programmers often choose Python Programming language due to its simplicity and easy-to-use tools. To build a GUI app, you will need a toolkit. Luckily, Python comes with Tkinter, a built-in toolkit that allows programmers to build GUI apps.

Interestingly, in this Learn Python video presented by Brad Traversy of Traversy Media, we will learn how to create a CRUD GUI app for Desktop. CRUD basically indicates “create, read, update, and delete” which are the four basic functions of a certain program or software. In this video, Brad will teach us how to create a Part Manager app for a computer repair shop. He will walk us through the process of creating the desktop GUI using Python, SQLite3 database, and Tkinter library. To learn more about creating apps with Python using Tkinter, feel free to watch this hour-long video tutorial below. Enjoy!


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