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Learn To Easily Combine Python With C++ By David I. and Kiriakos Vlahos Tutorial Video

learn python with python c developers by david i and kiriakos vlahos video

Python/C API Reference Manual is the API used by C and C++ programmers who want to write or embed Python extension modules. This video describes how to write modules in C or C++ to expand the Python interpreter with new modules. David and Kiriakos will be running a web-based Python for C++ developers where you can learn how to use Python from your favorite C++ developer software.

Python and C++ are both programming languages and they are different in many aspects. C++, for instance, is widely used in general-purpose programming languages while Python is considered to be a high-level object-oriented programming language. Due to Python’s overall simplicity (as it requires very few lines of code), it has become one of the fastest programming languages worldwide and is definitely an ideal option for beginners.

In this video, we will be learning more about the two aforementioned programming languages and ways to use them. This is an hour-long webinar replay that features an amazing group of people from Embarcadero Technologies. It is interesting to note that some C++ developers also use Python for their application development. There are several ways to integrate the two languages together. In this video presentation by David Intersimone, we will learn that there are multiple ways to approach using C++ Builder with Python, most particularly the Python4Delphi component.

According to the video, Python4Delphi provides access to Python APIs, the Python infrastructure, and runtime to leverage all the things that are available in Python. It also gives you access to Python objects and also wraps C++ Objects and use them from your Python code. Generally, Python4Delphi makes it very easy to use python as a scripting language for Delphi applications.

If you want to learn more about how to efficiently and effectively use Python4Delphi components, feel free to watch this webinar. It comes with a detailed demo on how to prepare C++ Builder and Python4Delphi from installation instructions to the use of its Python4Delphi components. The video will also answer some important questions related to Python, C++ Builder, and Python4Delphi components. Feel free to watch the webinar replay below.

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