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Learn Python with Python In High Energy Physics By Pratyush Das (PyCon 2020) Video

The study of the most fundamental components of matter and how these elementary particles interact is High Energy Physics. The video begins with a look at how computing has appeared in the field of High Energy Physics in the past and how many physicists have played an important role in the development of computer science. This video presented by Pratyush Das from the Institute of Engineering and Management in India will introduce us to Python programming and how this programming language has molded and dramatically changed the field of Physics, most particularly with High Energy Physics (or some might popularly refer to us the Particle Physics). In this 30-minute long presentation, Pratyush Das will give us a comprehensive review of where and how exactly Python Programming Language is being used in the High Energy Physics community and how it is slated to look like in the future. The video presentation begins with a brief introduction to High Energy Physics and its huge role in the world of Science. According to the video, High energy physics or popularly known as Particle physics is the branch of physics that studies the nature of particles that constitute both matter and radiation, and their interaction. It’s the field of Science that generally answers some of the world’s biggest questions and phenomena like what is our universe made of and what forces govern it. Das will also give us a quick overview of the rich history of High Energy Physics and how the field changes all over the years from the first creation of the Atanasoff-Berry Computer to the creation of the World Wide Web at CERN, as well as the worldwide LHC computer grid. We also learned how the field quickly embraces the Python programming language for their respective studies and researches. According to the video, High Energy Physics has its own python toolkit, the Scikit-HEP. This toolkit comes with a set of python libraries specifically programmed to be used by physicists. The Scikit-HEP project is a community-driven and community-oriented project with the aim of providing Particle Physics at large with an ecosystem for data analysis in Python. It is also about improving the interoperability between High Energy Physics tools and the scientific ecosystem in Python. To learn more about the use of Python programming in the field of High Energy Physics, feel free to watch the video below.
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