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Learn Python With The Hidden Power of the Python Runtime by Elizaveta Shashkova (PyCon 2020) Videos


Python remains to be one of the widely used programming languages today. It is often praised for its overall simplicity and beauty that all aspiring programmers can easily learn and manage. Interestingly, in this video shared by Elizaveta Shashkova, we will learn that every statement in Python, even the simple one, produces a lot of events during the program execution. These events are usually hidden from a user, so it helps developers to skip low-level implementation details and focus on bigger things.

Interestingly, many parts of this hidden information are very useful and interesting to examine and this is where the Python Runtime comes in. Python Runtime allows you to retrieve this hidden information without the need to configure additional libraries or pass additional parameters to an interpreter. In this talk, we will learn how Python allows users to inspect the current program state during the execution as well as other important things like the Python memory model, variables, frame objects, and the useful information they store. If you want to explore more about Python Runtime and how it can be very helpful to every Python programmer, feel free to watch the video below.

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