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Learn Python with Tkinter Python GUI Tutorial For Beginners 7 Video


Here comes another part of the Tkinter Python GUI tutorial series For Beginners presented by the Programming Knowledge channel. They recently made a great introduction to Tkinter, a built-in module in Python Programming knowledge that allows you to create Graphical User Interface applications. Tkinter is often praised for its simplicity and easy-to-use widgets that make it a perfect GUI toolkit for beginners.

In previous videos, we learned about the basics of Tkinter as well as various widgets that you can create using Python. They walked us through creating a simple Registration Form application and in this particular tutorial, we will learn how to create Menu Button with Tkinter and add it to the GUI app. A menu in Tkinter is a combination of a Menubutton (the title of the menu) and the Menu (what drops down when the Menubutton is pressed. A menubar is just a frame that holds menus). If this is your first time watching this tutorial, you might consider visiting the older videos first to help you create the Registration app.

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