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Everything You Need To Build A Simple Chat Bot GUI

If you are planning to create an application whether it’s a big project or just a small yet functional app for desktop or mobile, the first thing you must learn, and master, is how to create a smooth and neat Graphical User Interface (GUI). In order for users to interact with your app, you need to build an interactive GUI. If you are using Python Programming language, it is always ideal to…
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What You Need To Enable Drag and Drop For Images In Your App

One of the key user interface paradigms when you develop Windows software is the ability for users to interact with objects on the screen with their mouse. Most often this means being able to click things but over time the concept of being able to drag – and drop – items has become a common capability. It enables users to be able to do things like reorder lists, add items to selections…
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The Top 4 Python Development Tools You Need To Know About

There are various tools for writing, developing and running Python code, from interactive mode to full-featured IDE software such as PyScripter and the excellent RAD Studio. In this article I will give a complete overview introduction of the tools that I have used myself to write great Python apps over the years. What is the simplest way to run Python code? The quickest way to run Python…
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What Is The Lines Property And How Do I Use It?

The Lines Property contains the individual lines of text in the memo control. This works for native Windows development. We use Lines to manipulate text in a memo control on a line-by-line basis. Lines is a DelphiVCL.Strings or TStrings object, so the TStrings methods may be used for Lines to perform manipulations such as counting the lines of text, adding new lines, deleting lines, or…
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