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10 Things Everyone Hates About the Popular Python Tools

Let’s face it – there’s nothing more annoying than your workflow being restricted by the tools that you use to get your tasks done. There are some Python tools I truly love. But there is also a great deal of things I hate about some other commonly used Python tools, and I bet pretty much every programmer does too! Here I have compiled a list of ten things that I hate about popular Python…
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This Is How TShiftState Works For Windows App Development

TShiftState in DelphiVCL indicates the state of the modifier keys – shift/ctrl/alt, the mouse buttons, or touch devices when you are performing Windows app development. The TShiftState type is used by key-event and mouse-event handlers to determine the state of the modifier keys, the state of the mouse buttons, or the state of an attached touch device when the event occurs. It is a set of…
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Everything You Need To Play Sounds And Music In Python Apps

Do you want to be able to make your Python apps play sounds and music? Whether it’s Linux, macOS or app development on Windows, adding sounds or the ability to play music adds a great new dimension to your programs and lifts them free of being restricted to the beeps and “oh oh” chimes of the operating system. You will be learning how to use sounds in Tkinter with this video.
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What is The Delphi VCL For Python And Why Is It So Good?

DelphiVCL is a powerful framework for creating excellent, modern, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for your Python programs. DelphiVCL is independent of Delphi and does not require Delphi to be installed. However, you can make use of Delphi’s powerful IDE software and its easy-to-use designers (available even in the free Community Edition) to visually design and advance your user interface for…
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