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Create Your First GUI With Python Using 5 Lines of Code


Who would have thought that programming could be such fun and easy? In this video, we will see how someone can produce a working GUI using only 5 lines of code! It might seem impossible, but this guy made it look so easy and fun. In this video shared by “BuildWithPython“, he will attempt to create a very simple Graphical User Interface using the Tkinter toolkit in Python programming language. You can also do it with the help of Free Python Compiler!

How do I create a GUI with Python?

Provided that you already have the basic knowledge of Python, you can also create this simple project in no time. In this 3 minute video, you will be able to create a simple GUI with Python. The simple project was created using 5 lines of code. The first line was used to import the built-in Tkinter toolkit in Python, the second line was used to create window variables and inputting the () function. The third line was used to input geometry values (or the size of the application) followed by the title in the fourth line. The fifth line was used to input the Mainloop function so the window won’t close automatically when the application is opened. Feel free to watch the video below and learn more.

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