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What Is The Best Python Graph Tool? graph-tool vs NetworkX

What is graph-tool? graph-tool is a powerful Python script module for graph manipulation and statistical analysis (a.k.a. networks). In contrast to most other Python modules with similar functionality, the core data structures and algorithms are written in C++, with extensive use of template metaprogramming and a heavy reliance on the Boost Graph Library. This gives it performance comparable to…
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How To Build A Currency Converter Tool Python Desktop App

Python is an excellent programming language for creating various handy scripts and programs. Today we are going to build a currency exchange converter tool. We will go through all the details necessary to understand the code, even if you are an absolute beginner. First, download the PyScripter IDE, where you will be building the currency exchange converter Python desktop app. What is a…
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The Super Short Guide To Built-In Python Profiling Tools

What is code profiling? Code profiling is a technique to figure out how time is spent in a program. For more details, a profile is a set of statistics that describes how often and for how long various parts of the program are executed. Using the right Python profiling tools – as well as using the right Python Desktop – can save you lots of time chasing down bottlenecks and slow…
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What Is The Application.Dispatch DelphiVCL Method?

Use the Dispatch method or DelphiVCL.Application.Dispatch from the DelphiVCL library to call message-handling methods for the object, based on the contents of the Message parameter. Call Dispatch to automatically pass messages to the appropriate message handler. Dispatch determines whether a message is in the list of message handlers declared for the object. If the object does not handle the…
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